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We provides services to meet the needs of small business and home customers. Some common services we perform are:

  • Clean systems of malware (bad software, spyware, adware) and viruses.
  • Replace failing hardware such as noisy fans, hard drives, power supplies and more.
  • Upgrade systems to make them run faster – more memory and faster hard drives.
  • Install backups and recover lost data.
  • Install firewalls, network equipment, and battery backups.
  • Set up physical networks including running cables and installing jacks.
  • Set up wireless networks or hot spots in one or multiple buildings.
  • Convert Wal-Mart SN40 surveillance security videos to be played on any device (click here for more information).
  • Provide immediate remote support to fix problems on your computer. If you need remote support, please call the number at the top of the page and then click on Click Here for Remote Support.
  • Provide encrypted solutions for your data or HIPAA protected PHI on servers, desktops, or laptops with Self-Encryping drives. You can visit our www.selfencryptingdrives.info site for more information.
  • Configure Outlook to synchronize information with Android phones like Droids.

Some businesses are just starting and need their IT to be designed from the ground up. Others have existed for years and need to be upgraded to provide more effective and efficient use of their time and money. We meet the needs of our clients by providing a quality network that operates within their budget.


Call or write us at today to see how we can meet your computing needs.