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In the PC world, there are many solutions for every situation. The limiting factor for solving a customer’s problem is most often financial. Even so, there are inexpensive means to provide safe, effective, and efficient solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Most solution providers do not make these inexpensive options known because they gain a greater profit by selling more high-powered hardware and software. We are here to meet our client’s current and future needs within their budget.


We provide solutions to qualified nonprofit businesses that are eligible for highly discounted software and hardware. We also provide discounted service rates for all our nonprofit customers.


Smart phones and tablets are very popular popular and people want to synchronize their Outlook data to their phone. We configure these devices to sync with Outlook and operate www.syncdroid.net, where customers can find solutions specifically to sync Androids.


Call today and find out how we may provide solutions to meet your needs.